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NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND, July 17, 2017 - BP Law Group is pleased to announce four new additions to the National Harbor, Maryland office of BP Fisher Law Group, LLP. "We are excited to welcome so many experienced attorneys. Adding exceptional talent is part of our strategy in attracting best-in-class attorneys committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients," said Matthew C. Browndorf. "All four join the firm with extraordinary backgrounds and share our passion for getting work…

Judicial state NPLs are darlings to DCM

Non-performing residential loans that are often shunned for their associations with the toughest local workout laws have become a priority for Distressed Capital Management, said CIO Matthew Browndorf. DCM, an Irvine, California component of Plutos Sama LLC, recently raised hundreds of millions of dollars to begin building a portfolio of NPLs in “judicial” states where foreclosures are managed through courts, including some highly populated states such as New York, New Jersey and Florida,…

Plutos Sama, LLC Closes Peterman Acquisition and Expands Throughout the Midwest

IRVINE, Calif.(BUSINESS WIRE)Plutos Sama, LLC announced today that it has completed the acquisition of J Peterman Legal Group, LLC (“JPLG”), a law firm in Wisconsin with offices in Illinois and Indiana, increasing the Firms Midwest presence after entering into its final agreements on September 16, 2016.“This acquisition enhances our legal service offerings by adding tremendous talent to our pool of attorneys at BP Law,“ “This acquisition enhances our legal service offerings by adding…

Plutos Sama, LLC Closes Peterman Acquisition And Expands Throughout The Midwest

Irvine, Calif. – (October 28, 2016) – Plutos Sama, LLC announced today that it has completed the acquisition of J Peterman Legal Group, LLC, a default law firm practicing in Wisconsin with satellite offices in Illinois and Indiana, and it has already started to make its presence stronger in the Midwest. Plutos Sama and J Peterman Legal Group entered into its final agreements on September 16, 2016.  “The acquisition of J Peterman Legal Group enhances our legal service offerings by adding…

Maryland Fiddles With Foreclosure Statute Of Limitations (Or Does It?)

Statutes of limitations have been a hot topic in the mortgage servicing industry but there has previously been no need for Maryland to be included in that discussion. Now, however, due to a couple of statutes passed by the Maryland General Assembly, it is important for the industry to be aware of these statutory changes and to consider the implications on the time in which a servicer has to institute foreclosure regarding owner occupied properties. The author’s opinion is that the applicable statute…

The Foreclosure Process: If You Don’t Pay Your Mortgage, the Bank Will (Eventually) Take Your House

The standard work on foreclosure law in Maryland until recent history was Gordon on Foreclosures in Maryland, 4th Ed. (Micpel 2004).  This reference work, written and edited by Alexander Gordon, IV, is a book of significant heft, containing 42 chapters and totaling 2,022 pages of thoughtful analysis and research by Gordon accumulated over many years.  In an article written after Gordon’s death, a colleague recounted a story that Gordon would often tell about his mother, where she would ask Gordon…

The Plutos Sama Family of Companies Approves Peterman Acquisition

Irvine, Calif. – (May 4, 2016) Plutos Sama is seeking to add to its list of law firm holdings in the 2nd Quarter of 2016 as it has entered into negotiations for the acquisition of the J Peterman Legal Group Ltd., a law firm based out of Wisconsin and with satellite offices in Illinois and Indiana. The go ahead for the Peterman acquisition comes as no surprise, as Plutos Sama has continued to make aggressive moves in increasing its holdings. “We are really excited about joining Plutos Sama”,…

Maryland Legislature Reigns in Zombie Debt Collection

In a mashup of metaphors of the undead, the Maryland General Assembly has driven a silver stake into the heart of Zombie debt by its passage of SB 771, which was signed by the Governor as Chapter 579, Acts of Maryland 2016, and which will take effect on October 1, 2016. While a silver stake will kill a vampire, this silver stake may not kill the debt buying industry. It will, however, leave it in the hands of those best capable of performing complete due diligence on debt portfolios for sale. “Zombie…

BP Law Group Network Continues to Grow with Purchase of East Coast Fisher Law Group, PLLC

IRVINE, Calif. – June 24, 2015 – Plutos Sama, LLC announced today that it has completed the acquisition of The Fisher Law Group, PLLC, a default law firm practicing in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Plutos Sama is a vertically integrated holding company, providing its clients with the legal resources needed to develop across a variety of sectors, asset classes and regions around the globe. Included among its holdings are BP Law Group, LLP, a creditors' rights law firm with a network of…

Civil Demand Associates, Inc. Announces Janice McCort Vice President of Business Development

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Civil Demand Associates, Inc. (CDA), today announced the appointment of Janice McCort as vice president of business development. McCort brings decades of experience in retail loss prevention to the nation’s oldest, most established civil recovery firm. The announcement comes on the heels of CDA’s recent acquisition by Irvine, California-based BP Law Group, LLP in February 2015. By expanding CDA’s executive leadership and, now with access to BP Law Group’s…

BP Law Group Acquires Civil Demand Associates, Inc.

Civil Demand Associates, Inc., the oldest established civil recovery firm, is acquired by BP Law Group, LLP, to foster growth in loss mitigation  (Irvine, California – February 12, 2015)  On February 10, 2015, BP Law Group, LLP acquired Civil Demand Associates, Inc. (“CDA”), founded in 1987, the oldest, established civil recovery company. CDA, a pioneer in its industry, was formed to service the retail loss prevention community’s growing concerns about deterring shoplifting and employee…

BP Law Group Announces New Firm Managing Partner

Browndorf Passes the Baton, Naming Daniel Singer as Firm Managing Partner IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Daniel Singer, partner at BP Law Group, LLP (“BP Law Group”), specializing in creditor’s rights, has been named Firm Managing Partner for BP Law Group. Mr. Singer will drive BP Law’s recently renovated Irvine office, which boasts a 5,000+ sq. ft., 33-seat state-of-the-art, CFPB compliant call center. The expansion of the office is reflective of the growing footprint BP Law Group has…

Distressed Capital Management Appoints Member to Executive Team

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Distressed Capital Management (“DCM”), a Southern California based captive asset manager, announced last month Rod Colombi as its Managing Director. Mr. Colombi has joined the DCM team from Capital Solutions Financial Group (“CSFG”), where he served as Chief Executive Officer. He brings more than 20 years of high level experience in corporate finance and capital markets in the mortgage industry. Prior to CSFG, he served as Executive Vice President of Option…

Emerging Irvine Asset Manager Announces Major Asset Management Agreement

Distressed Capital Management, LLC secures partnership with large residential construction company.   IRVINE, CA (BUSINESS WIRE) – Distressed Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”) is pleased to announce the results of its asset management agreement with a reputed residential real estate construction and investment company (the “Company”) totaling over $180m in AUM.  The Company is a vertically integrated real estate business—buying, renovating, building and selling residential real…

BP Law Group, LLP Announces Appointment of Shahid Quraishi to Firm’s Advisory Board

Industry Heavyweight & Market Influencer Takes Place alongside Leading Legal Players New York, NY (March 12, 2014) – The partners at BP Law Group, LLP, a national leader in default services, today announced the appointment of Shahid “Shad” Quraishi, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Pelican Point Capital, as an Executive Advisor to the firm’s captive asset manager, Distressed Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”), Quraishi will serve alongside BP Law Group’s senior staff, including Managing…

BP Law Group, LLP Executes Strategic Funding Agreement with Pelican Point Capital

‘Tesco Law’ Enables Establishment of Multinational Corporate Affiliation New York, NY (February 26, 2014) – The partners at BP Law Group, LLP, a national leader in default services, announced today that they have entered into a merchant banking agreement with Pelican Point Capital for the funding of the Firm’s service expansion including their London office. Through this agreement, BP Law London will be affiliated with BP Law US through a multinational partnership based upon the Alternative…

BP Law Group Helps Clients Collect More Than 70 Percent of Unpaid Debts

BP Law Group LLP is pleased to announce the implementation of a debt collection legal strategy that enables financial institutions to recover up to 72 percent of their unpaid balances on second trust mortgages. The methods employed by the commercial law firm produce significantly better results than the rest of the industry, whose typical collection rate is 6 to 10 percent.  - read full article

Nuts & Bolts of Commercial Collection Law

This CLE class will cover the procedures for legally collecting a winning judgment against a bad debt. Additionally, the class will discuss recovery actions and compliance with governing collection guidelines. By attending this class attorneys will be better equipped to maximize their chances to recover. - read full article

Harvard Law Leads in Alumni in Corporate Leadership

Pepperdine Law associate professor Robert Anderson used the U.S. SEC filings of publicly traded companies to determine which 25 law schools have the highest percentage of alumni serving as corporate directors or executive officers. – read full article

Seventh Circuit Revives Suit Over Out-of-Network Claim

An appeals court has revived a case testing whether a health insurer breached its fiduciary duty by telling the husband of a policyholder that she should "go ahead" with brain surgery it later declined to pay for because the doctor was out of network. – read full article

Case Western Dean Takes Leave, Citing Retaliation Suit

The announcement came nearly two weeks after longtime law professor Raymond Ku sued dean Lawrence Mitchell and Case Western, claiming that Mitchell retaliated against him for accusing Mitchell of sexually harassing staff members. – read full article

Energy Law: A Special Report: Digging In

Invigorated exploration for more resources is delivering plenty of work to the legal industry. Our report highlights changes in the law of importance to the attorneys who handle the matters. – read full article

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